An active and proud member of the Birmingham community, Liberty House Group are delighted to be a category sponsor at this year’s Birmingham Sports Awards.

Our first time at these awards will see us support the Lifetime Achievement Award. We are thrilled to be helping to acknowledge and reward an individual who has dedicated a great number of years to their discipline.

Citizens of Birmingham are extremely lucky to live in a city which is home to a vast array of venues showcasing many exciting sports. Whether it be football at one of the premier Midlands football stadiums, cricket at Edgbaston Cricket Ground or lawn tennis at the Priory, Birmingham has it all. Sporting events that take place at these venues, only inspire and encourage others to follow suit and pursue an active lifestyle.

Championing those that are making their stamp on the sporting community of the city, we are thrilled to be able to attend the awards and honour those that are making a real impact on sport.

- Douglas Dawson, CEO

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